Competitive Intelligence Solutions for companies in the Malaysian marketplace

Competitive Intelligence (CI)
Intelligence is the source of an organization's capacity for survival - Arie de Gues
Companies must compete in order to achieve sustainability -Michael E Poter

What Is Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence is a systematic program for gathering and analyzing information about your competitor's activities and general business trends to further your own company's goals. The basis of competitive intelligence is knowing the difference between information and intelligence. The company that knows how to turn information into intelligence will succeed, and the company that doesn't will fail. Information can spell the difference between success and failure in business. Give your business the competitive advantage you badly need.

What Competitive Intelligence can do for your company?
· Anticipate changes in the marketplace
· Anticipate actions of competitors
Discover new or potential competitors
Learn from successes and failures of others
Increase the range and quality of acquisition targets
Learn about the new technologies, product and processes that affect your business
Learn about political, legislative or regulatory changes that can affect your business
Enter new business
Look at your own business practices with an open mind
Help implement the latest management tools
This will allow you to formulate effective strategies to outmaneuver your competitors.
· Increase company profit margin

Why companies need Competitive Intelligence now more than ever?
· The pace of business is increasing rapidly
· Information overload
· Increased global competition from new competitors
· Existing competition is becoming more aggressive
· How political changes can affect you quickly and forcefully
· Rapid technological change

Almost half of Fortune 500 companies have their own in-house competitive Intelligence units that actively collect Competitive Intelligence on their competitors.
We will train your key officers to enhance their Business Intelligence collection skills and we will also help you to set up your own in-house (CI) unit.

You won't lag behind because you will then have speed. You'll pass the whole gang and soon you will take the lead- Dr. Seuss

CI does not use illicit or illegal methods to accomplish its goals. Competitive intelligence has nothing to do with espionage.

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