Investigation and Business Security

In order to serve the Malaysian industry better, we have just concluded a MOU with one of the world’s largest investigation company which has branches in many European, American and Asian cities. No matter where your business interest are positioned, we can provide you with the reach.THE SPYCATCHER undertakes to investigate both the individual and the company in respect of the company or its Chief Executive to establish Due Diligence: -

Company: History, ownership, business interest, track record, key players, other business interest, business reputation, business partners, pending litigations, bankruptcy, liquidation and business disputes etc.

Individual: background, career history, personal and business integrity, professional conduct, political connections, business partnerships, shareholding in other companies, extent of his influence and business control, previous and current lawsuits if any criminal and civil records, and if there are any pending bankruptcy issues.

We also conduct intrusion testing to check a company's physical vulnerabilities and lapses in security coverage.

We also conduct security audits to identify the weakness and vulnerabilities that might be exploited by 'insiders' who know how to circumvent the system.
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