Spying is the second oldest profession in the world, as ancient as biblical times and as modern as the latest high tech surveillance devices.

Theft of sensitive Information

Can be highly detrimental to your organization's capacity for survival. Information is valuable to your competitors who will pay big money to gain a competitive advantage over you. Information can make the difference between success and failure in business. Lose a trade secret to a competitor and you lose the edge your product had, lose a client list and you lose the account, lose too much and you are out of the business. Information in the wrong hands can destroy a corporation, bankrupt businessmen and devastate shareholder families.

Spies target information such as:
Profit & loss margins, sales figures, contract bids, customer and suppliers list, target accounts, manufacturing techniques and formulas, new product, research and development, production models and product designs, research plans, blue prints, computer codes, data and software, chemical processes, marketing tactics, advertising campaigns planned, corporate objectives, strategic and tactical plans, future intentions and goals, pre-acquisition due-diligence, downsizing strategies, in depth backgrounds of executives, take over strategies, litigation techniques, customer service techniques, distribution channels, financial projections,trends, marketplace perceptions of the company, self-perception of company image, perception of competition, specifications on a company’s capacity, expansion plans, business culture or work environment, chemical processes and companies products

Ask yourself these questions?
What if your competitor's have had access to this information? What would this irreversible event cost your company? How do you know for sure that this is not currently taking place?

Why would I be a target?
Money and power are the top two reasons behind espionage, if anything you say or write could increase someone else's wealth or information, you are a target.

What are the rules of Espionage?

There are no rules, if you have what they want, they will use any means to get it- M. Russell

Can I protect myself?
Yes, Espionage is preventable. If you know the vulnerabilities, you can take the proper security precautions. Some spy tricks are obvious. Others are clever abuses of the new technology we live with everyday, and they are devastating.

Yes, espionage is preventable if your officers are trained to conduct a Risk Management Analysis study.
Risk Management Analysis study will help identify:
  • Where risk exists
  • The probability that the risk could occur
The risk could occur from:
  • Inside attacks (competitor's spies)
  • Unauthorized disclosure to 3rd parties
  • Unauthorized access from internal users
  • Human threat agents (Insiders)
  • Competitor using aggressive or illegal tactics to obtain critical information

Are you vulnerable to prying eyes? How safe are your secrets?
Call THE SPYCATCHER for a free no obligation consultation on how to safeguard your sensitive information, learn the recruitment methods spies might use against your vulnerable employees. Learn how to identify your vulnerable areas so that you can plug the loopholes before its too late. Act Now!

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