VIP and Senior Executives are vulnerable to attacks from criminal, terrorist, and guerrilla organizations seeking to kidnap and extort money from them. The reasons for the threat to VIPs are obvious, for their high profile or wealth makes them conspicuous targets. Sometimes operating in third world countries makes them a potential focus for attacks from kidnap gangs. Criminal and terrorist face a number of major problems during the preparations and executions of an operation and a sound understanding of these problems is essential to the provision of adequate security against kidnap attempts. You will be trained, in the following areas:

  • How to protect your family while abroad
  • How to conduct counter surveillance (a dry cleaning route)
  • How to quickly and cheaply bullet proof your vehicle
  • How to identify the safest hotel rooms and use the safest vehicles available in the country
  • How to escape a car ambush
  • What to do if you are bound, gagged and thrown into the booth of a car
  • What are the prearranged ‘proof of life’ questions
  • What are the escape and evasion techniques
  • And many many other techniques to keep you and your family safe and alive

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